‘People don’t work for me – they work with me’

So, what’s it like to work for George…

‘It’s like being part of a big family’

‘Expect to be challenged’

‘There is no hierarchy, everyone’s opinions are valued and considered’

‘There’s always room for career progression and development’

‘You have opportunities to learn in the office of course, but also out in stores – you learn so much more’

‘Travelling’s a big part of the job – I’ve been allover the world with George, visited a lot of manufacturing partners’

‘Research is fundamental to developing the brand – so we have loads of allocated time to go to shows and exhibitions’

‘I started as a junior artworker 20 years ago and now i’m a Director and partner in the business¬†– if you work hard, you go places’

‘Unfortunately he has the most detailed mind and never forgets anything – so you need to make sure you get your facts right!’

‘Nobody has offices, not even GD. So if you don’t like open plan, don’t bother!’

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