“The work of the George Davies Charitable Trust supports education and health causes in both the UK and internationally. Our most recent project involves vascular care and poor leg circulaion, working with surgeons, doctors, nurses, NHS specialists and researchers in Leicester. The outcome will be to improve communication with patients and to offer open access for patients using the service. This will allow patients to be seen within 24 hours and treated in a matter of days, vastly reducing the need for amputations.” – George Davies, Chairman, GDCT

The George Davies Chair of Vascular Surgery is to be held by Professor Rob Sayers from the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences and supports clinical and research initiatives to investigate different ways to improve outcomes for these patients. It will also establish the Vascular Limb Salvage Clinic (VaLS) to allow a limb salvage team to identify and treat patients with poor leg circulation quickly and prevent amputation.