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GEORGE AT ASDA was GD’s second venture. When you have a gap in the market, rather than looking inside out, it is good to look outside in. Because our cities and towns were not designed to cope with the tremendous growth of the car population, shopping out of town and ease of parking became the answer for the weekly family purchase of food, groceries and general merchandise. GD was the first person to recognise the huge potential for womens, mens and childrenswear in this environment.
The success and diversity of the NEXT brand had given GD an unrivalled reputation in the clothing industry, allowing him to attack the market in a totally new way. A great product, with great design, great quality, training of colleagues and an environment that was easy to shop with a trolley were fundamental in developing a quality experience for the consumer. With the addition of a mixture of service and self service, backed by unbeatable prices and changing rooms in a supermarket for the very first time the scene was set to change the shopping habits of the high street forever.

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