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GWD Woman

The GWD Woman is all about attitude, not age, tailoring to a level of sophistication without lacking a bold and playful quality. We value dressing for yourself and honouring your own personal style. Whether you prefer muted tones with a hint of embellishments, or you tend to opt for punchy pinks to stand out from the crowd, GWD accommodates for all.

We understand that as women, it can be a struggle to feel you’re putting your best self out there, 100% of the time. That is why we created our gorgeous garments to take the stress out of fashion. Outfits become effortless, and confidence is no longer an act once you’ve put on your favourite GWD look.

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GWD Kids

We take pride in the fact that our collections appeal to a wide customer base. When it comes to girlswear, GWD Kids offers a mixture of dresses, tops, skirts, trousers and jeans. We like to make outfit building easy for our customers, often if you find a skirt you love, there will be a top or two to coordinate, and we reflect these outfits in our photographic imagery.

Boys don’t fall short when it comes to creating effortless looks either, with our boyswear range consisting of t-shirtsand shirts, shorts, trousers and jeans. No matter the season, GWD Kids will have the answer to your fashion needs. Our childrenswear ranges are from toddler to teen, offering a solution for your children in both the early years of their lives and as their own personal style begins to develop.

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