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George Davies Charitable Trust donates thousands of scrub sets to Leicester Hospitals during Covid-1

Fashion entrepreneur and philanthropist George Davies has stepped up once again, this

time to support staff at Leicester’s Hospitals by donating 2,000 sets of medical scrubs to help protect front line clinical staff and 900 sets to 3rd & 4th Year Clinical medical

students from the University of Leicester, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Davies was able to harness the power of his supply chain and, in collaboration with

Daughter Emma Trayner, was able to dedicate one of his Leicester factories to produce

the clothing for staff after reaching out to a Glenfield Hospital consultant and a Director

of clinical studies, to find out what was needed during the pandemic.

The scrubs are being distributed to frontline staff and medical students caring for all

patients across the Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester General and Glenfield Hospitals.

Mr Davies says he is proud to show his support for the city’s NHS workers, students and

indeed patients during this time.

“On behalf of the George Davies Charitable Trust, I am delighted to have been able to

provide these sets of medical scrubs to hard-working frontline staff at Leicester’s

Hospitals in this important time”

“Like so many of us, I have been proud and grateful for how the everyday heroes in the

NHS have been fighting against the effects of this horrible virus. I wanted to know how I

could use one of my factories in Leicester to help support the efforts of the local hospital

staff and I am happy to see that the clinical staff have the protective equipment that

they need.”

Rebecca Brown, Chief Operative Officer and acting Chief Executive of Leicester’s

Hospitals, thanked George Davies for his generous donation on behalf of all staff in the

Trust. “We are very grateful to Mr Davies and his charitable trust for donating this 2,000

sets of additional medical scrubs for clinical staff at our hospitals,” says Rebecca.

“During this challenging time for everyone involved in our Trust, I know it means so

much to our clinical staff to have that additional level of support from prominent people

in our community like Mr Davies and we can only thank him for providing material

support to our hospitals in this way just as he has done so before.”

Leicester Hospitals Charity’s Director, Lisa Davies, also expressed her gratitude to

George Davies on behalf of the charity.

“This donation is a heart-warming example of how support for our hospitals during this

critical time has come from all areas of our community,” says Lisa.

“This is not the first time Mr Davies has stepped up to innovate and help our hospitals

here in Leicester. Time and again he has demonstrated an ability to cut through red tape

and gets things done to benefit our community and for that I want to express our thanks

on behalf of Leicester Hospitals Charity.”

Dr Fiona Miall, Director of Clinical studies at Leicester Medical School, George Davies

Centre of Life Sciences, similarly expressed her gratitude “We at the Medical School are

so very grateful. More importantly, I have already had several messages from the

medical students asking for their thanks to be passed on”.