Since 2006 we have worked closely with Wounded for Us, who support Soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wounded Soldiers were treated at Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham prior to moving to Headley Court Rehabilitation Complex (pictured above). We fund telephones, TV’s and internet connection for the Soldiers and in addition, sponsor the Royal Anglian Regiment where they deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan. We subsidise the battalion fund for the support of the Families of wounded soldiers.
We thank Colonel Richard Kemp and Chris Hughes, who acknowledged our efforts in their book “Attack State Red”.
“A special word of thanks to George Davies, although not directly involved with this book, his quiet generosity did a tremendous amount to ease the terrible suffering of many wounded British and Allied Soldiers, including all of the Royal Anglian described in the pages that follow, who were seriously wounded in action, as well as their Families, and the Families of the Royal Anglians killed in action”